Christian County MO – Questions for Western Commissioner Bill Barnett

As the Christian County Western Commissioner Bill Barnett has the job of making “decisions regarding the policies and procedures for Christian County Government, i.e. budgeting, financial issues, human resource policies, road and bridge maintenance/improvements, planning and zoning issues, etc.”


I have two questions for Bill:

  • When are you finally going to make an effort to get the Hwy 14 and Nicholas Rd (Hwy M) intersection improved? This intersection is a huge traffic bottleneck. I know that MoDOT does not have enough money to do improvements to this intersection. But if the County can come up with over $1.3 million cost-share dollars to fix Hwy CC and the Hwy 65 / CC interchange, why can’t you find cost-share dollars to get the Hwy 14 / Nicholas Road intersection improved? Is the County only finding cost-share dollars for the eastern part of Christian County?


  •  Why is the speed limit set at 35 MPH on Nicholas Road from the Greene County / Christian County line to Hwy 14? If you try to do 35 MPH on Nicholas Road you cause all sorts of traffic problems. You have Tracker Road set at 45 MPH. Tracker Road has a higher population density along it than Nicholas Road. I cannot understand why Nicholas Road is set at 35 MPH? Either up the speed on Nicholas Road to bring it into line with the other roads that intersect it, or reduce the speed limits on the intersecting roads. The present hodgepodge of having different speed limits on Nicholas Road, Tracker Road, Union Chapel Road, and Dewberry Road makes no sense.


You make $42,000 in salary and benefits for only being required to work two days a week as Western Commissioner. How about working an extra few days to address these problems?


Bob Rubino, Christian County Voter

Comments by Dr. Ed Janosik on the American Obstructionists

The American Obstructionists

The big political news is that the government of, according to some, the greatest nation in the world, is yet again lurching from one political crisis to another. The situation has deteriorated to the point that finance committees in the House of Representatives can’t complete their work because they don’t know what lies ahead of them. In the Senate, the minority Republicans succeeded in filibustering a housing and transportation spending measure saying that it violated a spending deal struck two years ago.

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Springfield News Leader article on campaign in the 139th

Check out the following link: It will take you to an article scheduled to come out in the Springfield News- Leader sometime during the week of Oct 22nd through the 27th.

In it Representative Elmer says he is for school vouchers and doing away with teacher tenure laws.

Please let me know what you think.



Nixa News-Leader news article on improving Missouri Hwy 14 in Christian County

Nixa News-Leader

Candidate discusses Missouri 14 improvement

Rubino runs for 139th District with Ozark / Nixa road as top priority

11:23 AM, Sep 25, 2012   |  

 Written by: Rance Burger

OZARK — His campaign signs say he wants a better Highway 14.

State representative candidate Bob Rubino insists he approached the Christian County Commission as a private citizen to discuss      Missouri 14 highway and the funds that would go into improving it. Continue reading ‘Nixa News-Leader news article on improving Missouri Hwy 14 in Christian County’ »

Leave teacher tenure alone in Missouri

Following editorial written by me was published by the Springfield News-Leader newspaper on June 23, 2012:

Alex Barnett, a student at Springfield Glendale High School, recently had an editorial titled “Teacher tenure dampens education” published by the Springfield News-Leader. In his editorial he calls for “ending the (teacher) tenure program.”

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Bob’s mission is focused on bringing prosperity to Christian County

Bob’s mission is focused on bringing prosperity to


 My political goals are:

  • Stop overtaxing the Middle Class!
    • This will spur job growth.
  • Fight for our fair share of highway building funds.
    • Let us get Hwy 14, Hwy CC, and Hwy EE improved – it will result in commercial & retail growth in the 139th

  • Support local businesses and farms that create jobs and a vibrant economy.

    • Keep our sales tax money in Christian County, not in Greene or Taney Counties
  • Secure fair and adequate funding for our local public schools.

    • Our schools are HUGE assets for our communities in Christian County. We MUST support them.

 As your Representative I will promote

common sense cooperation

 and positive solutions

 to the complex issues Missouri

 and the 139th District face.


E-mail Bob at

Or call Bob at (417) 848-9295

Paid for by Committee to Elect Bob Rubino, Susan Rubino Treasurer

Letter to Missouri Public School Teachers


January 16, 2012


Missouri faces a budget shortfall of over $500 million in tax revenue for the upcoming fiscal year. In previous years education funding has been cut to address budget shortfalls. I agree with Missouri Senator Jason Crowell, R – Cape Girardeau, who says: “We must stop balancing the budget on the backs of our children through education cuts.” Continue reading ‘Letter to Missouri Public School Teachers’ »

Economic Problems not addressed by Missouri Legislators

The Missouri State General Assembly failed the citizens of this State. In the legislative session, which ended May 14, 2011, the Senate and House Leaderships said they would concentrate their efforts on improving the State’s economic climate. Continue reading ‘Economic Problems not addressed by Missouri Legislators’ »

VAGUE sound bites on cutting taxes and removing regulations


I have had my fill of listening to claims by various candidates (including my Republican opponent) about cutting taxes and removing regulations that hamper businesses. None of these claims detail specific taxes or regulations they believe need to be cut or removed. They all appear to be sound bites! Continue reading ‘VAGUE sound bites on cutting taxes and removing regulations’ »

Things I want to do as your 139th State Representative:

1) Job Growth – As your 139th State Representative I will work to see that businesses have a reason to locate in the 139th. Continue reading ‘Things I want to do as your 139th State Representative:’ »

Schools are Critical to the Economic Health of Local Communities and the State

State funding for schools has been cut by over $650 million for this year, while tax credits continue to be pushed as the job making / saving knight in shining armor. Well, I believe the knight in shining armor is very tarnished. Continue reading ‘Schools are Critical to the Economic Health of Local Communities and the State’ »