Bob Rubino

I am the Democratic candidate for the NEW 139th Missouri Legislative seat. My mission is to see that our tax dollars are spent wisely and give us the best return for our hard earned money. I believe the true measure of an effective legislator is to ask questions and make decisions that result in tax dollars being used for the benefit of all Missouri citizens

My goals are to strengthen education funding (Missouri is ranked 47th in the nation), and be a LEADER in creating well paying jobs and strong business opportunities. To reach these goals I must first be elected. That is why I need your financial support. Your support will allow me the ability to get my voice and goals out to the voters as we go door to door, make phone calls, do mailings, and buy newspaper and radio ads.

I spent 35 years with the U.S. Postal Service. I started my Postal Service career at the St. Louis MO Mail Processing Plant and served as a union shop steward and local union officer for the American Postal Workers Union.  In 1993 I transferred to the Springfield MO Mail Processing Facility, where I served in various administrative and managerial positions. I have an Associate Degree in Industrial Electronics, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Management and Computer Studies (double major).

I have been both civically and politically active in Christian County. I am an elected Board member for the Nixa Fire Protection District. I was Secretary and Vice-Chair for the non-partisan Christian County Coalition. The  group was responsible for getting the Building Codes proposal on the ballot and passed. The Coalition also collected enough signatures on petitions, which were submitted to the Missouri Secretary of State Office, to have the State Auditor’s Office audit Christian County Government in 2008. I also served as the Christian County E-911 sales tax campaign fund raising chairperson, which passed with a 65% voter approval in April 2008.

I have a plan, I have a mission, and I have a message.

With your support, I can win this race!

Paid for by Committee to Elect Bob Rubino, Susan Rubino, Treasurer

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