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Three Issues in  Process

Three of  the most important issues that are being worked on currently in the House and  Senate are immigration, student loan interest rates, and the House Republicans  making a national issue by passing a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks,  making this a national issue.

A Gang of  Eight composed of four GOP and four Democratic Senators has been working  furiously the past couple of weeks to create a bill to present to the full  Senate. The chances of this compromise bill being passed in the Senate are  rather good. According to Senate Rules 60 votes are required to bring the  measure to a vote on the Senate floor. Most of the 54 Democrats will support it,  needing the support of only a few Republicans to bring the issue to a vote,  which under Senate Rules will then need only 51 votes for passage. Go  figure.

However,  when the bill gets to the House, Speaker John Boehner says he will not bring it  to the floor for a vote unless a majority of his own party is in favor of it.  This is the House GOP equivalent to the Senate Filibuster as a way of stopping  action on a bill. The bill would probably pass easily if it were brought to the  floor with most of the 201 Democrats voting for it along with a small minority  of the Republican majority.

Another  crisis is that of interest on student loans being doubled on July 1st unless Congress takes action. The House has passed a bill that the Senate  refuses to accept, opting to work out a compromise with the White House. The  last word is an agreement is close to being reached by the  parties.

The  question here is whether the Tea Mob in the House will dig in its heels even  though the issue could be held against GOP candidates in the 2014 election, or  whether they will act sensibly, which they rarely do, and approve whatever  measure comes to them from the Senate.

The  Republican Party in more than half the states has been passing measure after  measure on the issues of abortion and women’s reproductive rights. Some key  states in this movement have been Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and  Florida. Action by individual states on this issue receives little national  attention and therefore women in states not affected by these restrictive laws  may be unaware of them.

However,  due to grassroots Tea Mob pressure the House of Representatives passed a measure  banning abortions after 20 weeks with all but six Republicans voting for it and  all but six Democrats voting against it. This action nationalizes the Republican  Party’s association with the Pro-Life movement and will beome an important issue  for Democratic candidates to exploit in 2014.

It is  amazing how the Tea Mob Caucuses in both the House and Senate continue to pursue  policies that the Republican Establishment based on the financial elite in the  United States, are trying to tamp down. The latter group realizes that a  majority of American voters are alienated by such actions. To be sure, not even  the financial elite is united on these matter as the Koch brothers continue to  finance the Tea Mob while Karl Rove and the US Chamber of Commerce adopt a  pragmatic position on social issues.

These  problems will occupy the attention of Congress during the summer, but toward the  end of the year crunch time will arrive again when it again becomes necessary  for Congress to vote on increasing the national debt ceiling when the fractured  state of the Republican Party will once again be in full view.


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  1. Hello Dr. J.,

    Hello sir. Seems a fundamental component of anything approaching a democracy is a free press, not a free market system of purchasing power. In an effort to try to educate myself I was looking around on line today and discovered this blog. I think often of how much things have changed politically since I was your intern at Geneseo, and mostly I believe that many in power have discovered how to play two sides of an issue, and how to impose their own personal views on others. Every man is a bully pulpit.
    One last thought regarding the Republican Party’s efforts to limit the rights of women; they are correct in understanding that the biggest threat to their power is an educated woman with a choice about if, when, and how to have a family. Choice about one’s reproductive health is a fundamental underpinning to any sort of real self- determination.
    Keep up the good work. Do you really think the abortion ban bill could actually pass the Senate?

    Take care, and thank you for making me a better citizen through education, then and now.
    Kim Czapranski

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