Letter to Missouri Public School Teachers


January 16, 2012


Missouri faces a budget shortfall of over $500 million in tax revenue for the upcoming fiscal year. In previous years education funding has been cut to address budget shortfalls. I agree with Missouri Senator Jason Crowell, R – Cape Girardeau, who says: “We must stop balancing the budget on the backs of our children through education cuts.”

Besides the huge budget shortage, the school funding formula, if not changed, will result in millions of state dollars being shifted from poorer schools to richer ones.

The Missouri Senate and House fought for 10 months and could not agree on an overhaul plan for tax credits. The result was the legislative bodies adjourned without passing any job creation legislation. Missouri now faces a projected $600 million in tax credit handouts in 2012. Instead of addressing tax credit problems that negatively impact revenue, the Missouri Senate and House leaders have agreed to support bills pushed by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The bills will change the workers’ injury compensation system; make it harder for workers to prove workplace discrimination; and enact ‘Right to Work (for less)’ legislation.These proposed bills will do nothing to address the budget shortfall crisis.

Speaker of the House, Steve Tilley, has also packed the K-12 Education Committee with legislators who strongly support legislation that would eliminate the state constitutional ban on giving public (tax) money to religious schools and authorize tax credits to pay for tuition at private schools. 

K-12 Education Committee Chairman Scott Dieckhaus, R-Washington, said he is working on an ambitious package that will phase out public school teacher tenure. 

I am the Democratic Candidate for the new

Missouri 139th Legislative District

As your State Representative I will support and defend teacher rights, protect public school funding, be a stalwart against undermining workers’ rights, and see that OUR tax dollars work for us.

 I need your help and/or financial support to win.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me.

E-mail me at: BobRubino@msn.com

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